Strategic Advice

We use our extensive experience to help you identify your true rationale for a merger and your desired outcomes. Once understood, they inform the negotiating stance and set the strategy […]

Target Research

You may have an ideal candidate in mind or know of firms you wouldn’t want to approach. Taking that into account we can produce a long list of potential suitors. […]

Confidential Approach

We are very well connected in the marketplace where your merger will take place. When the time is right, we can make discreet but credible approaches that simply would not […]

Merger Process

Every firm embarking on a merger can benefit from objective and honest advice. Our members are experts at helping you to identify, evaluate, negotiate and implement opportunities at every stage […]

Strategy Days

We help managers put day-to-day issues to one side and focus on the bigger picture. An off-site, externally facilitated strategy day can be used to clarify thinking and set stretching […]

Post Merger Integration

Issues of stakeholder management should not be overlooked. There is a great deal of change in the air during a merger. Planning how to manage it can define the success or […]